Rising 7th and 8th Grade Registration - Information and Video

February 06, 2018

Questions? Please contact our counselors:

Longfellow MS Counselor

Elementary School Liaison for…

Samantha Kramer

703-533-2638 / SPKramer@fcps.edu


Caitlin Ivey

703-533-4528 / CMIvey@fcps.edu

Churchill, Lemon Road, Sherman

Sam Upson-Smith

703-533-2639 / Supsonsmith@fcps.edu

Chesterbrook and Timber Lane

Debbie Peel

703-533-2637 / DGPeel@fcps.edu

Kent Gardens and Westgate

Bruce Walker

703-533-2627 / BMWalker@fcps.edu

Colvin Run and Spring Hill

Rising 7th Grade Registration Information

Online Course Codes - 7th Grade


Rising 8th Grade Registration Information

Online Course Codes - 8th Grade


Informational Video - You may need to turn up the volume on the video.

Curriculum Night Presentations