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Rising 7th grade

Rising 7 Course Catalog

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Electives Video

Performing Arts Slide Deck

Chorus Overview Video

Rising 7 Curriculum Night Slides

Rising 7 Family Registration Night Slides

English 7 Overview

US History Overview 

Investigations in Environmental Science (Science 7) overview

HPE Grade 7 Curriculum Overview

Introduction to Our ESOL Program  

Curriculum Night - ESOL Info Session

Curriculum Night - Special Education Info Session

Elementary Liaison Counselors 

Please email the Longfellow counselor assigned to your elementary school if you have any questions.  Click here to view the LMS Staff Directory

Shannon Lopynski Haycock
Lorraine Marshall Spring Hill, Timber Lane, Westgate
Sam Ramatowski Colvin Run, Lemon Road, Sherman
Jill Scharl Kent Gardens and other not on this list
Bruce Walker Chesterbrook and Churchill Road

Rising 8th grade

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Rising 8 Course catalog

Electives Video

Rising 8 Curriculum Night Slides

English 8 Overview 

Civics Overview

Investigating Matter and Energy (Science 8) overview

HPE Grade 8 Curriculum Overview

Rising 9th grade

McLean High School Rising 9 Course Catalog

McLean High School Rising 9 Course Selections

McLean High School Rising 9th Grade Kick Off

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