Welcome, Principal Patrick!

By Fabio Zuluaga, Assistant Superintendent, Region 2
July 27, 2020

The Region 2 Office is pleased to announce that Dr. Jim Patrick, current Director of Student Activities at Lake Braddock Secondary School, has been named the new principal of Longfellow Middle School.  His official start date will be August 3, 2020. 

Dr. Patrick began his career as a social studies teacher in the Prince William County School system.  He then moved to McLean High School where he served for eight years as a social studies and physical education teacher, Assistant Director of Student Activities, and Director of Student Activities.  In 2018, Dr. Patrick became the Director of Student Activities at Lake Braddock where he supported all students in grades 7-12 with academics, athletics and all extra-curricular programs.  In addition to his position with FCPS, Dr. Patrick is an adjunct professor at George Mason University

Dr. Patrick brings a holistic approach to the education of the middle school student. As a former Social Studies teacher, he brings a deep understanding of Portrait-of-a-Graduate skills through the lens of equity. His time at Lake Braddock has given him the opportunity to work with middle school teachers and students, supervising several departments across the entire school, as well as overseeing the middle school after-school program.  He is a champion for the arts and believes in educating the whole child.  He works to raise all student voices and has a track record of instituting platforms for students to be heard.

Dr. Patrick’s deep understanding of the work of Professional Learning Communities will ensure the school sustains present levels of academic performance. He is an instructional leader who played an instrumental role in bringing the DuFour’s PLC model to McLean High School, working to build and strengthen collaborative teams. In addition, Dr. Patrick’s coaching leadership style, excellent relationships with the communities where he has worked, and his outstanding communication skills make him a great match for the needs and aspirations of Longfellow Middle School. Dr. Patrick is well-known for his ability to resolve very complex issues involving families and students in a respectful way, making sure all the voices are heard and putting the needs of the student first and foremost.

Finally, Dr. Patrick has demonstrated his passion for the development of a caring, respectful, and inclusive school culture by coordinating actions and practices to ensure all students experience a positive classroom environment and develop constructive relationships with caring adults within the school community.   Dr. Patrick builds trust and inspires credibility; he has proven during his career that he listens thoughtfully to all stakeholders, builds strong relationships, and is a unifier. 

Dr. Patrick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Education from The University of Rhode Island.  He also has attained a Masters of Education degree from Virginia Tech as well as a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Virginia Tech.   

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Patrick as the new principal of Longfellow Middle School.