Student Services

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  • The Longfellow Student Services Department collaborates with parents, colleagues, and community members to provide resources and support for each student to lead a healthy lifestyle and reach their full potential.  The department provides a data-driven program that addresses our students’ needs in the areas of academic achievement, postsecondary and career exploration opportunities, and social and emotional growth.  We strive to provide all students within our diverse population access to equitable opportunities needed to be ethical citizens and lifelong learners.


  • The Longfellow School Counseling team strives for our community of lifelong learners to celebrate their diverse strengths, pursue personal goals, contribute positively to the community, and be productive members of a competitive global society.  Our students will possess the necessary skills to be resilient as they pursue their personal and professional endeavors.

Longfellow MS Military Families

FCPS and Longfellow Middle school welcomes responsive and collaborative communication and partnerships with parents and families of our military families.  Please contact your child’s school counselor if your child or family requires support.  To learn more about how FCPS and Longfellow supports military families, please visit our Military Family Support page.

Rising Seventh Grade Students Course Catalog

Rising Eighth Grade Students Course Catalog

Longfellow MS Counseling and Student Services Program

  • The Middle School Counseling and Student Services Program is designed to deliver a comprehensive range of services for all middle school students. The program is based on the developmental needs of students and addresses the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional aspects of pre-adolescence and adolescence. Emphasizing life skills, students learn more about themselves, the world around them, and the power of choices and consequences. In order to accomplish this goal, the program focuses on the following: Academic Achievement, Career Awareness and Exploration, and Personal and Social Development.

Academic Achievement

  • School counselors assist students to become independent learners. Academic responsibility is taught, encouraged, and reinforced in a partnership between school and home. Aptitudes, interests, and learning styles that relate to academic achievement are strengthened through this collaborative effort.

Career Awareness and Exploration

  • School counselors help students choose courses and activities to explore career opportunities. These experiences are designed to reflect the diversity of student backgrounds and promote positive life choices. Career awareness and exploration activities are organized around four career clusters, which reflect the major career areas of the 21st century (International Studies and Business, Engineering and Scientific Technology, Health and Human Services, and Communication, Fine and Performing Arts).

How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

  • Check your child's agenda every night
  • Schedule 1 to 2 hours a night for homework
  • Study with your child before tests and quizzes
  • Talk to your child often about his/her progress
  • Check to see that homework has been completed
  • Encourage your child to stay after school for additional help
  • Call your child's counselor and schedule a parent conference
  • Communicate with teachers via email,, or by phone
  • Provide incentives to your child when he/she completes assignments
  • Ensure your child has a quiet place to study and complete homework
  • Monitor your child's attendance to ensure he/she attends school every day
  • Provide logical consequences when your child does not complete assignments

Requesting Transcripts and/or Recommendations for Public or Private Schools

Withdrawing Your Child from Longfellow MS

  • Please notify the Department of Student Services, in writing, of your intention to withdraw your child from school. Notification should include name of student, last day of school, and location of the school the student will be attending. Withdrawing students must return all textbooks, laptop and library books prior to last day.