Library Procedures


The essential mission of the Longfellow Middle School library is to serve as the learning and research hub of the school. Our goal is to ensure that students and staff are discerning users of information, responsible digital citizens, and lifelong lovers of reading and learning. To that end, we endeavor to provide a variety of resources, services, and materials to support the academic, recreational, and professional needs of all patrons.

Frequently Asked Questions

When may I visit the library? 

  1. The library opens every school day at 7:10 a.m. You may visit the library between 7:10 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. to check out or return books. Be sure to be on time for homeroom.
  2. During class with a pass from your teacher.
  3. During lunch with a lunchtime library pass from one of the adults who monitor the cafeteria. When you sign in to the library, be sure to place your lunch pass in the designated basket on the circulation desk.
  4. During Lancer Time with your teacher's special, laminated Library Lancer Time pass. Be sure to return it to your teacher before dismissal!
  5. After school for Homework Club. Click HERE to find out more about after school activities. On days that there are no after school activities, the library closes at 2:40 p.m.

*Whenever you come to the library with a pass, you must sign in!

What is the policy for checking out books?

Bring your books to the circulation desk near the main doors of the library. The librarian will ask you to type your student i.d. number into the pin pad in order to retrieve your library account on the computer. Books are checked out for 3 weeks. Books can be renewed for an additional 3 weeks. Bring books you wish to renew to the library and ask a librarian to renew your books.

Can we borrow books from other FCPS libraries?

Yes! If we don't have a book that you are eager to read, it's possible that we could borrow that book for you from another FCPS library. This is called an inter-library loan (ILL). In order to do this for you, we will need to know your full name, the title and author of the book that you are requesting, and the name of your Lancer Time teacher. When your ILL arrives at LMS, we will send you an email informing you of its availability in the library. Simply come to the library to pick it up. The due date for your ILL (generally 3 weeks as well) will be posted on the cover of your book.

Where do we return books?

All books (including ILL's) must be returned to the book return slot in the circulation desk near the main doors of the library. Please drop books into the slot. Do not place books on top of the circulation desk, on any book carts, on the librarian's desk, etc. That is how books become misplaced.

What happens if I have overdue books or lose a book?

Please return your books as soon as you are finished with them. We do not charge overdue fees, but we do expect you to be a responsible Lancer and return your books within 3 weeks or renew your books if you need them longer. If you lose a book, you must replace it at the current cost of the book, which can be provided by the librarian.

What are the proper uses for the computers in the library?

You may only use the library computers for school-appropriate endeavors. For example, you may...

  • Check out the library website
  • Search the library's online catalog
  • Search the FCPS online databases and eBooks
  • Do assignment-related internet research
  • Use word processor or other software programs for assignment-related work
  • Save and access assignment-related work on your Longfellow network drive (H drive) or Google Drive
  • Access school-related information on Blackboard and Google Classroom

Is there anything you are not allowed to do on the computers in the library?

You may not:

  • Play computer games, music, or videos
  • File share or download any type of file (music, pictures, software, etc.)
  • Access personal email accounts or use instant messaging

Can I use the library printer?

Yes! You may print up to 3 pages in black and white free of charge. To use the color printer, you must log in to the designated computer (look for the sign!). Color copies cost 25 cents a page. Be sure to pay a librarian before printing your document. If you encounter any trouble while attempting to use the printers, please inform one of the librarians immediately. Do not click print more than once. It may be that the printer is simply out of paper!

Can I access online library resources outside of school?

YES! The library website is accessible online. Click here to access the online card catalog.

Click here to access the FCPS online databases and eBooks (e.g., Gale, Cavendish Square, Britannica, World Book).