Scheduling Time with the Librarians

If you would like to schedule virtual class time with one or both of the librarians, click on the following link to view the library calendar:

Library Floor

Check the schedule for the library floor!

Library Lab

Check the schedule for the Library Lab!

Ideas for Collaboration:

Book Talks-Find out about some of the books and authors that are being highlighted in the library

Speed Dating with Books!--Students discuss the various ways they can get to know a book, and they go on a series of timed book dates.

Book Trailers-- Better than a book report! Students learn the art of creating a book trailer using Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Spark. *This will require multiple class periods.

Digital Literacy Lessons--Finding and evaluating sources of information, citation of sources, copyright and fair use, cyber-bullying, presentation zen, cool technology tools, etc. These lessons can stand on their own, though they work best in conjunction with a larger project.

PBL/ GID Research Projects--We love collaborating with teachers on research projects! 

Please contact Mrs. Saladino or Mrs. Hoyle if you would like to book the library and/or chat about some ideas for collaboration!